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Last Wednesday with The Three Amigos!

Are you Ready for a good time?? Join us once again for Last Wednesday in Reno at St. James Infirmary. (The Last Wednesday of the Month) with special guest Coop Da Loop! Mr. Rooney and I are so excited to see you all again! We are having so much fun sharing smiles and hugs and music! RSVP on Facebook xoxo gcrush

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I thought that this would be a great piece for your hearts and souls to absorb. Any day, is a great day to Begin. Enjoy this amazing piece by the one and only Thomas Lloyd Qualls xoxo gcrush image source Whatever it is, Goethe says, begin it. At least, that’s what some people say he said. And in his own way, the Buddha speaks of the same thing, when he talks about the beginner’s mind. Jesus teaches that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to children.…

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Music Orgy redistributed! Keep getting eargasms!

Because I get so excited about music, and sometimes put too much into one blog post. It’s important to remember to work with the internet, and not against it. I broke the last music orgy post into two! Hope you get a chance to listen up! You can see the rest of the orgy here. Mr. Rooney: Party Rocking Dj My Flag is On Fire The moon dreams twin sun chamber pop Post Pop by My Flag is on Fire Patafunk Disco, House, Tropical Random…

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The Future of Social Media for Adults

As moore and more states and countries are legalizing gay marriage, as more and more people are exploring and appreciating their own unique sexualities more publicly and honestly, as more and more people are getting comfortable pursuing their alternative lifestyles and fantasies, (despite family norms), then more and more adults, artists and adult entertainers require more and more places on the internet to socialize, get their perv on, connect with others, and in some cases, earn a living. A small group of us (artists in…

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