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it feels amazing to open up our hearts and LOVE, love unconditionally, love with passion

photo by waterboy

POTM: Lake Tahoe Nude beaches: view from 1200 ft in the air

Picture of the Moment Todays photo comes from waterboy! A lover of Lake Tahoe. See for yourself (members view his photoshoot) We can’t stop thinking about Lake Tahoe and the nude beaches! We are almost there!!! Sitting here as snow flurries lightly hit the valley floor, all I can do is think about being naked on the beach. Soon I keep telling myself. SOON! Everytime I hear BT I think of our beautiful sunsets on the beach and our trip home. Have you ever been…

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dear tuaca,

I wanted to once again thank you for the LOVE that you have been a part of! Many years ago, when you were still my favorite, (something I learned while bartending at bully’s sports bar) you were part of a magical night that connected shone and I for eternity. I will forever be thankful for the black eye, and the adventure that it has set us upon. We will always have the deepest love and appreciation for you. We honor you responsibly! When we celebrate,…

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did you know that @nopantsdance wears many hats for boho crush? get to know more about her!

I am becoming more and more aware that just because I know and am aware of things, that it does not necessarily mean that everybody else knows what is in my brain. This is a weakness of mine that I have been putting effort and focus too. I am going to do my best to continually communicate with the readership of this blog. I am hoping to get more of you involved, interacting, sharing love, time, adventures, and making lots of new friends. The boho…

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what is going on with boho crush April 27- May 3

Recent Updates you might have missed: 1. It’s a magical Monday! Just heard that Zoe Jakes is trying to get to The Big Bounce! Oh hells yes!! I’m already starting to drooooooooool. Please send out your requests to the universe to get Zoe Jakes to The Big Bounce. 2. This Friday is No Pants Day! If you want to party send @edadkins a dm 3. Bohemian Burlesque was so fucking hot at the Feathers and Leather Party! 4. If you are not on twitter yet…

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what’s going on with bohocrush april 20 through april 26

hello summer! we are loving the teasingly great weather! keep it up please. we are really starting to feel rejuvenated and breaking out of our winter hybernations. Time to start walking twice daily and motivation has kicked in to start grocery shopping and preparing more of our own meals. I love it when shone and I are on the same page. life moves so magically that way. I’m so grateful for our time and efforts together always. okay: so what’s up this week! I love…

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