Hysterical Literature: A boundary pushing project by Clayton Cubitt. It’s AWESOME!

Hysterical Literature

Cheers to the women and artists that continue to make this world such a beautiful and erotic playground to thrive in! Delight your senses while Literature and the Hitachi (operated by secret handler) delivers orgasms to women. These videos portray an assortment of elegant women pushing boundaries in the throws and wills of euphoric pleasure.

I’m in such a pant! I recommend putting your headphones on right now! Hear the buzzing of the Hitachi plus the sounds of women breathing while in throws of exctasy! It’s a primal part of the awesomeness of these sessions by Clayton Cubitt.

DD: With “hysteria,” I sense you’re making a connection between erotic literature and women’s religious ecstasies in the middle ages.

There is a bit of that religious, almost chant-like recitation pace to the readings, as the subject battles her body for control. But more specifically, the title is a winking nod to the Victorian treatments for “Hysteria,” which often involved vibrating patients or aiming jets of water at their unruly private parts until they took the cure.

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Session 1:

stoya in hysterical literature

Stoya reading Supervert’s Necrophilia Variations by Supervert

♥ Read her personal experience on the matter and using the Hitachi.

Session 2:

Alicia reading Leaves of Grass poem “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman

Session 3:

danielle ezzo in hysterical literature

Danielle Ezzo reading Still Life with Woodpecker by Tim Robbins

♥ Read this Response from Danielle to this article. HIGH FIVE Danielle!

Session 4:

stormy leather in hysterical literature

Stormy Leather reading American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

Session 5:

teresa nasty in hysterical literature

Teresa Nasty reading Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson

This post covers it divinely

DD: So far the press coverage has emphasized the action rather than the literature. How do you feel about the balance between erotic action/visualization and erotic language/auditory stimulation in your videos?

Yes, most press (especially online) tends to focus on the sensational, and that’s part of the whole experiment for me. What I’m interested in is the battle the individual has between mind and body, and where the front line is, and how I can manipulate it. Further, I’m interested in how cultures draw a dividing line between acceptable and forbidden, between high and low, between what can be applauded and what must remain hidden. This project is pushing boundaries in all those directions.

Read more interview on Clayton Cubitt at ONTD

Session 6:

Session 7:

Session 8:

Session 9:

Session 10:

… so far!

Clayton mentions that this project will go on until he explores it as furthest as it will go! Hooray!

The subject of sex is a part of our vital core as human beings. The importance of it and it’s relation to all aspects of our humanity is truly a fundamental that continually needs to be promoted and celebrated! We celebrate you beautiful people for sharing! We can hardly wait to see more.

Hysterical Literature Follow along with the responses, and sexual awareness this project is creating in the world.


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♥ Must be 18 and over.

♥ Email photo with a copy of ID to georgette @ bohocrush . com.

to the pursuit!


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