Leaping Emperor Penguin-frozen planet

The Mating Game: Emperor Penguins

Time to start mating: I’m going to start showcasing you many beautiful rituals of the creatures that inhabit this planet.  Shone and I are fascinated by the planet and the species that inhabit it.  They warm our hearts and fill us with a magical and devoted feeling.  Currently we are being filled with visions and voyages of animals in this current series: Frozen Planet.  It’s our sunday night fix.  Check it out the next time you get some down time.   The Emperor Penguin

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♥ I N S P I R E

  Todays word is INSPIRE: Sharing the creative process and finished product is a common and essential path among all artists. Wether we are nurturing our creative banks or relishing in the creative flow, inspiration is welcomed with open arms.  When we watch or listen to others create, it can influence our creative bug.  We are all artists. All it takes is the desire.  Go create and do it yourself.  Time, effort, and dedication are right at your doorstep. Wether you are into music, photography,…

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♥ bohocrush 2012 Festival Guide

  We love to attend and feature music festivals. We have benefited from so much inspiration, stimulation, personal growth, community development, bonded with loved ones, and have had beautiful and challenging life altering experiences that we will cherish for a lifetime.   There are a multitude of adventures to partake in this life.  We highly recommend that you  look into the festivals that we recommend.   They are diverse in music, diverse in accommodations, geographic locations, and participants.  There is bound to be something just…

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