photo by daniel jung

bohocrush recommended festivals for 2011

Festival Time is upon us! Time to be checking in for early bird ticket prices. Some of you already know that the first two tiers of burning man tickets have already been SOLD OUT! We highly recommend festivals, they are a great energetic outlet, where you can meet amazing people, enjoy spectacular music, revitalize your soul, and learn new things about yourself. We think it’s incredibly essential to align yourselves with the appropriate festivals. Spend some time researching, look at photos, watch videos, read anything…

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bohocrush 15: inspiration and stimulation time! ART SEX & SUSTAINABILITY

Love Couple: Captain Canada & Windy ♥ Love::Playful::Nude ART Photographer: Sjo Jen Members can view this gallery It means so much for us to share with you all, our first LOVE couple shoot! Our galleries are blossoming with diversity and we are giddy and elated. Love is fun, it’s playful, it’s erotic, it’s deep, it’s emotional, it’s passionate, it’s fiesty, it’s spiritual, it’s exotic, it’s ever evolving, and we want to capture as much of it as we can. You all know how much us…

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POTM: Starry night; @theglitchmob

photo by sjo jen Picture of the Moment We had such an epic night! I’ve been floating all day on a sea of the glitch mob! We’ve got so much mad love for them. We hope you enjoy this photo, the very last photo shone took last night at the show. Thanks to our friends Mike, and Chris B, we’ve got all kinds of photos from the show. I’ll be collecting them as I can get my paws on them Pictured here are from Left…

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