Newsletter Vol 5: boho photography: bedtime

Crush Doll: Alana
photog: shone
stylist: kendra (no pants)
fluffer: gcrush

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And it’s that time again! Time for our weekly boho. This week we share the magical Alana. We shot this shoot in a series of what we call get in bed with a crush doll. mmmmmmmmmmmmm we love the sound of that. We know you are going to love it. Her smile warms our hearts, and we know it’s going to give you that warm and fuzzy sensation as well.

♥ What crush doll would you like to “get in bed with?” let us know so that we can let her know that she is kindly being requested to see her in these series.

Another beautiful week has brought so much love and adventure. It’s all around: in the changes of the leaves, the greying of the skys, the cozy way we are feeling. Changes of nature are such a beautiful and desired dynamic. We truly love love love the ebbs and flows of living with planet earth. We’ve got a game plan for this winter, and it includes a lot of hot springs, homemade yummy soups, hot teas and chais, hot baths, lots of outdoor/indoor adventurous photo shoots, and of course lots of delicious and yummy sex! mmmmmmmmmmm

♥ What is your “game plan” for the city and season you are living in?

We hope you feel all wrapped up in our love, and if you are looking for some adventures today, look no further.

♥ we’ve got photo shoots on the books! you’ll be seeing some behind the scenes photos this week. stay tuned.

♥ I’ve received a lot of amazing questions lately about our photo shoots. I’m in the process of writing up a more specific post about what our photo shoots entail. I’m going to write it in a FAQ format for easy navigating. I’ll post a link to it in the photo shoots group on bohocrush. There we can use the forums to explore more specifics about any question or thought you may have. This helps me share all of this information with everybody, and that saves me a lot of time, and makes sure that I share accurate information. Win!

♥ as I am typing this I am watching shone build the boho boy galleries. Keep your eyes open for boys boys boys!

♥ we had a recent visit from Jeremy. One of our new boho photographers. You will all soon be enjoying his shoots on bohocrush. We are so excited. He has shown us a lot of his work and portfolio. We can hardly wait to share with you all. Amazing!

♥ we are an 18 and over community, which means that we can make a difference and our vote has a voice, thank you to matt aka salvo for sharing love and resources with our community. you can friend matt on bohocrush.

Furry Fandom has landed on bohocrush; enjoy a journey with Kat the Leapardess and you can friend her on bohocrush.

Nomadic Matt is in reno tomorrow with the bohos. If you would like to have an opportunity to meet and chat with him about travel and more, let us know. Can I tell you how awesome it is to meet somebody online, and not only that but have the opportunity to meet them in the real world. It’s so fun! We are so looking forward to getting to know him. Rumor has it he might come to burning man with us next year. )’( we would love to pop his cherry. We’ll be rocking it with him tomorrow night at bassnectar in reno. you can friend him on bohocrush

♥ catch the black rock city allstars at SF Decom 10-10-2010: Heat the Street FaIRE! This Sunday, Oct. 10 at the Mariposa Stage. Set Time: 1:40 – 2:25pm.

♥ Have you met Freddy and Eddy yet? We highly recommend you check them out. A super dynamic couple rocking the burner and adult worlds. Not too mention holding down kids camp at burning man and lightning in a bottle. We love community! They recently posted this video and I had to share. Such a great example of how fun and silly they are. You will soon be able to friend them on bohocrush. We’ll be attending a SOLD OUT bassnectar show in reno tomorrow night with “Freddy”. Hope to see some of you there.

♥ check out this great article by Destin the erotic rock star: Helping your man overcome premature ejaculation you can also friend him on bohocrush

♥ I love this making out article by Bren Ryder. I’ve had a few online interactions with her. I love the care and effort she puts into her dyke porn. I am hoping to make more connection and offer her a home on bohocrush. stay tuned.

Learning how to shine love even in the face of opposition, creates sustainability in our lives. Philip shares some awesome insight into how we can keep a smile on our face and continue moving forward. Regardless of the lifestyle that we choose to live.

♥ You can friend Philip on bohocrush.

♥ are you aware how important bees are? a great article that brings some truth to the table.

Thank you croshane for sharing with me! I love this video, it made me smile so much. Did you know that Jonsi is from Iceland.

Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

♥ check out this art work by ryan johnson, music by auditory canvas.

Painting Lightning in a Bottle 2010 from Ryan Johnson on Vimeo.

♥ ♥ Friend some artists on bohocrush: ryan johnson, jacob miller, patafunk, kraddy, metaphysical, and auditory canvas

Metaphysical and Tampa keep seeing there Wolf Pack song show up in more media. It’s so cool!

♥ a great article by Dr. Tory Clark:: The Fear of Sexual Variation, you can friend her on bohocrush

Gala Darling always brightens my day, and always inspires me.

♥ Never forgetting the love that is John Lennon

♥ did you all see Ali’s article in the RGJ? The Fur Girl has been busy. Selling her line at Whole Foods. You might have noticed it while you were grocery shopping. You can friend her on bohocrush.

♥ I am loving evernote. It has an application for my iphone, my ipad, and my mac. It is helping me stay so organized! Anybody else using it? What features do you just love about it. I’m still learning, and I will share more. I do love how it takes an image of the website you store in your notes. Makes for easy referencing.

♥ more nude beaches

and that’s all for now bohos! hope you have a spectacular week.

to the pursuit

georgette and (shone)

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  1. love it! it’s so nice to play catch up quick style with these newsletters! miss you kats.. thanks for feeding me with all sorts of inspirations :)

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