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dearest bohos,

As we all continue to evolve and settle our feet deeper and deeper into our foundations, it’s essential for us to support the community and decisions that are going to continue to lead the way for us to continue to fly our freak flags. Our responsibility for our community and for this journey requires participation from all of us. We are an 18+ community, wich means that each and everyone of us can make a difference.

Now the specifics of this blog post are directly reaching out to the RENO bohos. However, a lot of the ideas that are being presented are things that the rest of the non reno bohos can use to seek and find which best accommodates them in their city.

I think at times we have all found ourselves telling ourselves we just don’t have the time to stop and register to and vote. And honestly, I can speak for myself, that I did not have enough information or awareness to actually Vote, therefore it was not a priority. I can see lots of areas where I was incorrect in my thinking. And now with the reality of our role in our community, we feel that it is time. We have a great way to share knowledge and resources, so that we might all take a moment, to read, to re-read, and to get a better idea of what we are standing up for, and what we desire out of our city. As burners we are aware that the city we live in is so very important for the degree of love and participations out of it’s residents. And so we can take this very moment, to seize the opportunity, to give our best, our love, and our intentions to help sustain the particular navigations. As adults we do have responsibility to continue to pave the way for our lifestyles. Or else who do we have to blame other than ourselves when it has vanished.

If we don’t all come out of the closet with our freak side, then we are going to be locked in their for eternity. Suffocation can lead to death, in some form or another. Taking the time to vote and to share in the collective consciousness is essential to our development and journeys. Wouldn’t you say?

We feel fortunate to be surrounded by so many caring souls that wish to support and nurture all of our journeys. Matt is one of those such bohos. His care and concern for policies and freedoms and knowledge thereof is priceless. A passionate and true adventurer. This past year we popped his cherry on the playa. Amazing things are taking place. Look for more from Matt and his future sharings and journeys with this new adventure here on our blog. More on that later.

Matt prepared this information for us, so that when we go to vote, we can vote in confidence knowing that we are prepared. The decision is still ours to make. We feel that the information provided here helps us make the best decisions we can.

Please do ask questions here in the comments, that way we can get them answered or pointed to in the best resource, so that we can all benefit.


Dear Bohos:

I encourage each one of you to vote in this year’s election. To that end, here is a guide to basic voting information, such as what documents you will need to register:
Along with high-profile races for senate and governor, there are numerous races for more localized positions such as mayor, the state assembly, and the city council. It is these more localized elections that often have a greater influence on the quality of your everyday life, and if you need more information to help evaluate the candidates, here is a handy tool:

That said, the winner of this year’s senate race will also strongly influence your everyday life. The choice between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle could not be starker. These two differ sharply on almost every major policy issue and in their overall worldview. Below is a brief comparison regarding those issues that are near and dear to the Boho community: sexuality issues, civil liberties (and here I will focus solely on illicit drugs), and the environment.

Sexuality issues:

On abortion, Angle has come out firmly against a woman’s right to chose. Indeed, when asked whether she would make exceptions for rape and incest, she said that women in those situations should be compelled to go through with the pregnancy, as termination would go against her “God’s plan” and that these women should make “lemons into lemonade”
Angle’s position on contraception is unclear.

Reid has a mixed record on abortion. For instance, while he voted NO on restricting UN funding for population control policies, such as abortion, he also voted YES on banning partial birth abortions. As a result, the pro-choice organization NARAL gave him a 29% rating in 2003, while the anti-abortion group NRLC gave him a 50% in 2006. He has, however, sponsored bills providing contraceptives for low-income women and for emergency contraception. He has also voted to expand embryonic stem cell research, a stance that Angle is unlikely to support given her staunch religious conservativism.

On same-sex marriage, Angle is adamantly against it, as well as the right for gays and lesbians to adopt. She also opposes same-sex domestic partnership benefits.
Reid’s record is, again, mixed. While he voted NO on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage in 2003, he also voted YES on prohibiting same-sex marriage 1996. He has, however, voted YES for such things as adding sexual orientation to the definition of hate crimes and for prohibiting job discrimination by sexual orientation. As a result of his inconsistent stances on GLBT issues, his record on gay rights was given a 67% by the Human Rights Campaign in 2006.

Civil Liberties (illicit drugs):

Angle strongly feels that drug use is immoral and supports vigorous law enforcement against it. She opposes decriminalization and is against legalizing marijuana. Interestingly, she has also indicated her support of limiting the legality of alcohol, as well.

Judging from Reid’s record, it seems that he does not support expending more resources to expand the War on Drugs. He voted No on increasing penalties for drug (and gun) violations, and No on spending international development funds on drug control.


On environmental issues, specifically global climate change, Angle does not “buy into the whole man-caused global warming, man-caused climate change mantra” because she does not believe there’s “sound science to back that up.”

As a result she supports continuing our reliance on fossil fuels, with little indication that she would support alternative energies. She also feels that the government should generally end its environmental regulation of business, a stance most apparent in her desire to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency and her characterization of the BP Escrow fund (set up to pay small businesses and workers in the Gulf for the losses incurred from the oil spill) as a “slush fund.”

Reid, again, has a mixed record on environmental issues. Overall, though, his positions tend to be “pro-green”—a leaning reflected in his 84% rating by the League of Conservation Voters in 2003.

For more on these issues and others, please consult the following:

In conclusion, I would contend that although Reid is far from ideal regarding many of the issues closest to the Boho community, he is also less likely to implement policies that further restrict individual sexual choices or liberties, or worsen the environment. Angle, on the other hand, could very well work to further marginalize the GLBT community or erode environmental protections.
And regarding community, I find the following Angle quote especially troubling. During a discussion of state mandates and health issues, Angle criticized a Nevada law requiring coverage for autistic children. After dismissing the law as a governmental overreach, she exclaimed “How about maternity leave? I’m not going to have any more babies, but I sure get to pay for it on my insurance. So those are the things we want to get rid of.” In other words, she seems to be saying that if she would support only those things that would personally benefit her. Once they no longer are of benefit to her, she would work to get rid of them. Thus she seems to have no sense of the social good, of healthy communities, of caring for others because that’s what we should do as humans.

Please make sure to vote this November 2.

Reno Voter Guide: My Ballot
Build a personalized ballot with Reno Voter Guide.


to the pursuit!


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  1. Wow! I would have never thought Boho Crush would ever do anything political. I love it. Its a great move.

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